Dr Tanja Sobko


Assistant Professor of School of Biological Sciences, The University of Hong Kong

Dr Tanja Sobko (PhD, 2006, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden) has multidisciplinary expertise in pharmacology, nutrition, healthy lifestyle interventions and more recently, sports nutrition. She contributed to an early-nutrition initiative for the World Health Organisation (WHO), Programme for nutrition, physical activity and obesity.

Tanja’s work encompasses not only research and teaching but also the dissemination of findings to the wider community. Her research focuses on lifestyle adjustments that families with pre-schoolers can make which will directly improve the health of both the children and their families. The Randomised Controlled Trial, ‘Play & Grow’ intervention, is designed to influence daily behaviours and establish beneficial habits early in life. By increasing the contact time that families have with nature, the programme has been developed to assess and potentially identify the causal relationship between the environment and health; a continuous process of data analysis runs concurrently with the development of valid and reliable evaluation methodologies.

Tanja has been teaching the courses ‘Physical Activity and Health’, ‘Sports Nutrition’, ‘Nutrition, Environment and Health’ and supervises both undergraduates and PhD students. When she’s not researching, Tanja actively practices Aikido, cooks, bakes and hikes around Hong Kong.