Children who are active and eat healthy succeed better in school and later in life. We invite families to participate in our novel project about being active and eat healthy from the very beginning of life. The activities are fun, very interactive, and involve the entire family. We will meet once a week during 2 months. During these meetings we will share the latest news, recommendations and tricks how to encourage children to be more active, we will do fun food games. Together, we will learn how to communicate healthy habits within the family. The aim is that the activities benefit family’s health, enrich knowledge and skills about healthy lifestyle and all this in a fun and interactive way. To know if our advices are successful and to draw the scientific conclusions, we ask our participating families to fill simple questionnaires in the beginning and at the end of this project. These should not take longer than 30 min.

Each family will benefit greatly by being active and getting to know more about healthy lifestyle.

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