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About Food Nature Lab


Our Story

Dr Tanja Sobko is an expert in the fields of nutrition and healthy lifestyle interventions. She has over 20 years worth of University Research Experience. Her studies have lead her to focus on how we can adopt healthier lifestyles and the connection between Nature and Health.

Our Mission

Our mission is to reduce the negative impact that food choices have on the environment. We do this in two ways: we educate young children and their families by reconnecting them to nature. And we find more alternative and creative food waste solutions.

Current Projects

Please look out for our new project all about Food Waste which is coming soon.

Recent Projects

We have worked on some exciting short projects where we conducted research and got very interesting results. We wish to share with you our latest findings from our past projects for preschoolers. We have created recipe and activity videos for vegetables in the alphabet and tips for early healthy routines.

Our Programmes


Early environmental education for preschool children. Our research shows that children who eat healthier and are more active will succeed in life.

Food, Environment & Health

Hands on experiential learning for University Students. It is a cross-disciplinary exploration of the environmental, socio-economic, public health and personal nutrition contexts of food systems. The course focuses on how our food choices influence the environment, how the environment impacts our diet and health and what actions can improve these interactions.

Nutrition & Sports

The course will firstly examine the physiological needs pre-, during and post-competition and/or habitual exercise to perform at its best. Secondly, it will investigate how and why nutrient and energy intakes vary between different athlete groups, the difference between energy metabolism and requirements during aerobic and anaerobic exercise.