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Did you know that roughly 3,600 tonnes of food is thrown away in Hong Kong each day? That’s equivalent to 250 double-decker buses by weight!

One in five people live under the poverty line and low income families spend nearly half of their income on food
Yet two-thirds of food waste comes from households
We must (re)think our relationship with food and our role in contributing to Hong Kong’s food waste

Likeminded Projects

Feeding HK

Feeding HK rescues surplus food from companies that would normally be sent to our landfills. They then redistribute the food to charities and communities in Hong Kong.

Foodlink Foundation

Foodlink is a charity that collects perfectly good to eat leftover food from F&B outlets. They then send this food to Hong Kong’s most vulnerable.

Food Angel

Food Angel recovers edible excess food from different parts of the food industry. Their dedicated kitchen then cooks up delicious meals which they serve to the disadvantaged.


Vegetable Fermentation

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Fruit Fermentation

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