Vegetables ABC

We are currently working on our video series about vegetables. Dr Tanja Sobko demonstrates fun recipes and activities that can be enjoyed by the entire family!

A for Avocado

In this episode Dr Tanja Sobko shows us how to make guacamole and an avocado boat

B for Beetroot

Want to learn how to make beetroot and apple salad? Watch this video to see the recipe and a fun activity

C for Cauliflower

This cauliflower wrap recipe is packed with nutrients and is super simple to make

C for Cucumber

Let’s learn how to make tzatziki, a famous greek yoghurt dip along with a very special vegetable game!

D for Daikon Radish

This daikon and yuzu salad is perfect for summer and extremely refreshing. You’ll also see how to turn your radish into mice!

E for Eggplant

Dr Tanja Sobko makes a delicious baked eggplant dish that the entire family can enjoy. Watch until the end to find out how to make an eggplant penguin.

F for Fennel

Learn how to make a crunchy and tangy salad using fennel!

G for Ginger & Garlic

In this special video we show you 2 different recipes using ginger and garlic and how to make a ginger cat

H for Herbs

Are you looking for the perfect healthy snack recipe? Then you should watch this video

I for Iceberg Lettuce

In this video we show you a quick and healthy snack that your kids will love! The recipe is followed by a fun activity that shows you how you can play with iceberg lettuce

J for Jerusalem Artichoke

Have you ever heard of a Jerusalem Artichoke? They make for the perfect healthy side dish and little friends that are out of this world!

K for Kohlrabi

Kohlrabi is another vegetable that is alien to most but we assure you that it’s just as fun to eat it as it is to play with it! Watch this video to find out how you can do just that

L for Lotus Root

In this video you will find 2 recipes for the Lotus Root vegetable. And in the activity you’ll learn all about how you can get it into locomotion!

M for Mushroom

This is a must see video for anyone interested making a quick and healthy lunch using mushrooms. Watch until the end to see how you can play with these fungi…

N for Nuts and Nori

Get ready for the spooky season by making some of these halloween snacks using nuts and nori!

O for Okra

Want to learn how to make a refreshing recipe using an okra? Watch until the end to meet our special guest who takes part in a painting activity!

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