Early Healthy Routines SPA

Healthy Routines:

Lifestyle Habits for preschool children

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No Rice is OK!

Is your child bored of eating rice every day? Here are some healthy alternatives to RICE!


Healthy Food Choices

How to choose healthy foods for your children? You all know about fruits and vegetables, what other choices do you have? Here are some tips for you!

點樣選擇健康嘅食物俾你嘅小朋友? 除咗蔬果, 仲有啲咩選擇? 以下係一啲貼士!


How many glasses of water does your child drink every day? Is it enough? What are the problems of drinking too little water? See the answers below and also some tips to keep your child hydrated!


Picky Eating

Is your child a picky eater? If so, here are the consequences that you should be beware of!

Besides, here are some DOs and DON’Ts that could help your child to be less of a picky eater!

你嘅小朋友會唔會揀飲擇食?如果會嘅話, 就要留意以下嘅資訊啦!


Let’s talk about SNACKS

Does your child love snacking? If so, have a look to know more!


Tips for Sleep & Eating

Does your child have issues with sleeping and eating? Here is the most updated evidence for you!

Please stay tuned for more details.

你嘅小朋友有冇睡眠或者飲食問題?以下係最新嘅資訊! 我地將會提供更詳細嘅資訊,記住留意啦!

Reading on getting into nature might help against allergies

Some evidence reading for you. Stay healthy and happy!

Warmest greetings, Dr Sobko, Director of Play&Grow

Tips on handling child’s tantrum

Does your child always lose his or her temper?

In fact, temper tantrums start at around 18 months of age. It is because children do not know how to use words to express themselves yet, thus feeling frustrated they will eventually start throwing a temper tantrum. What should parents do when handling child’s tantrum?

Tips when preparing food for your child

Preschool children need 3 regular meals and 2 snacks a day. Try the following tips when preparing food for your child! ​


Fun activities to do in nature

We always encourage children to go outdoors and play! Running out of ideas on what to do and what to play? Check out the following suggestions!​

我哋鼓勵小朋友多到戶外玩! 出到去唔知可以玩啲咩? 以下小建議可能幫到你!

How to reward your children?

Using food to reward children will lead to poor diet and emotion-induced overeating in children! What else can you do when you want to reward them? ​

用食物去作為奬勵會導致小朋友有不良嘅飲食習慣同因情緒引起嘅過度飲食! 家長可以咩嚟代替食物去奬勵孩子呢?

Tips for preparing raw vegetables

We always let children try raw vegetables during the sessions as most of them have stronger flavor and higher nutrition values! Here are some tips for how you can ensure food safety when preparing raw vegetables to eat.

大部份嘅生蔬菜會更濃味同埋有更高嘅營養價值,所以我哋經常喺課堂上俾小朋友試食生嘅蔬菜! 處理生嘅蔬菜時可以點樣確保食物安全?

Tips for using insect repellents

When you take your kids outdoors do you tend get bitten by mosquitos? Besides wearing light-colored and long-sleeved clothing, we can also apply insect repellent! Do you know the proper ways to use insect repellent?  

帶小朋友去戶外玩時成日被蚊咬? 除咗著淺色長袖衫褲外,仲可以噴蚊怕水防蚊! 你又知唔知點樣正確使用蚊怕水呢?

Tips when reading with your child

Does your child love to read? Reading does not only strengthen parent-child relationship, but also facilitates children’s language development and imagination! What should you do when reading with your child? 

你嘅小朋友鍾唔鍾意睇書呢? 閱讀唔但只可以增進親子關係,仲可以有助小朋友嘅語言、想像力同思考能力發展! 家長同小朋友一齊閲讀時可以點做呢?