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Prospective Research assistants and Graduate Students

Early Environmental Education/ Food for Health

Recent research has demonstrated signalling between the gastrointestinal tract and the central nervous system, referred to as the gut–brain axis. This communication is influenced by gut microbiota, the diversity of which is crucial for mood regulation, memory and cognition. Thus, outdoor nature play can contribute to not only better physical health in children, but also better mental health.

Despite the extensiveness and accessibility of Hong Kong’s green areas, 16 per cent of local preschoolers show signs of mental health problems. In our ongoing research, we try to address this issue. In the proposed PhD project, we aim to investigate the role of gut microbiota in these positive changes in order to explore the causal association.

(Key words: early environmental education, early childhood development, dietary habits, outdoor play, healthy lifestyle intervention.)


If you are considering applying to our Program and are interested in perhaps being a part of the Food Nature Lab please send your CV and a brief statement about your areas of interest to Dr. Tanja Sobko at tsobko@hku.hk