Tips on handling child’s tantrum


Does your child always loose his or her temper😠? In fact, temper tantrum starts at around 18 months of age. It is because children do not know how to use words to express themselves yet, thus feeling frustrated and eventually throwing a temper tantrum. What should parents do when handling child’s tantrum🤯? Read more:…/pregnancy-and-baby/temper-tantrums/​

你嘅小朋友會唔會經常發脾氣呢😠? 其實小朋友由18月大就開始識發脾氣,因為佢哋仲未識用言語表達自己,所以會容易覺得受挫同忟憎。當小朋友發脾氣時家長可以點處理呢🤯?​

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