Play&Grow Program is featuring in a book!

The Play&Grow program is featured in a chapter of  “Intergenerational Contact Zones: Place-based Tools for Promoting Social Inclusion and Belonging”.  The chapter provides the example of the Play&Grow program as a model for creating Intergenerational Contact Zones on the rooftops of a highly urbanized environment – Hong Kong. It describes the contributions of grandparents toContinue reading “Play&Grow Program is featuring in a book!”

Hugging a tree can help us in these stressful times

Dear old and new friends, Do you remember us hugging the trees during the Play&Grow programme? I think the HKU trees are most hugged ones in Hong Kong and probably in the world! I would like to share the post below and remind you that it is even more important to be connected to natureContinue reading “Hugging a tree can help us in these stressful times”

Reading on getting into nature might help against allergies

Some evidence reading for you. Stay healthy and happy! Warmest greetings, Dr Sobko, Director of Play&Grow Read more: Early exposure to infections doesn’t protect against allergies, but getting into nature might Facebook link of this post: