Tips for using insect repellents

Taking your kids outdoors but always get bitten by mosquitos😥? Besides wearing light-colored and long-sleeved clothing, we can also apply insect repellents😎! Do you know the proper ways to use insect repellent🦟? 帶小朋友去戶外玩時成日被蚊咬😥? 除咗著淺色長袖衫褲外,仲可以噴蚊怕水防蚊😎! 你又知唔知點樣正確使用蚊怕水呢🦟?

Tips when reading with your child

Does your child love to read📖? Reading does not only strengthen parent-child relationship, but also facilitates children’s language development🗣 and imagination💭! What should you do when reading with your child🤔?  Read more:​ 你嘅小朋友鍾唔鍾意睇書呢📖? 閱讀唔但只可以增進親子關係,仲可以有助小朋友嘅語言🗣、想像力💭同思考能力發展! 家長同小朋友一齊閲讀時可以點做呢🤔?

Tips on establishing healthy eating habit for child at young

It is important for child to develop healthy eating habits in early stage🍴, because it shapes the eating pattern and food preferences later in their life🥕! What can parents do to help? Check out the following tips😉 小朋友從小就培養一個良好嘅飲食習慣係好重要㗎🍴,因為會對佢哋將來嘅飲食習慣同食物偏好產生好大影響🥕!家長可以點做? 以下小貼士可能幫到你😉  

Tips on stimulating child’s development in nature

What are you planning to do for the long weekend? Why don’t you go out and play with your child? Try to use nature as a tool to stimulate your child’s development! Read more:​ 嚟緊呢個週末你哋有咩計劃呢? 不如同小朋友出去戶外玩啦! 身處大自然仲可以促進孩子發展添!

Play&Grow is expanding!

Good news‼️ Play&Grow is very popular, not only in Hong Kong, but also overseas! 🌎 Our university, HKU has just signed an agreement with Universidad de Magallanes in Chile, South America! Play&Grow is now collaborating with universities in South America as well as in Australia and our Programme Director, Dr Tanja Sobko will be busy flying around toContinue reading “Play&Grow is expanding!”