Tips on handling child’s tantrum

Does your child always loose his or her temper😠? In fact, temper tantrum starts at around 18 months of age. It is because children do not know how to use words to express themselves yet, thus feeling frustrated and eventually throwing a temper tantrum. What should parents do when handling child’s tantrum🤯? Read more:…/pregnancy-and-baby/temper-tantrums/​ 你嘅小朋友會唔會經常發脾氣呢😠?Continue reading “Tips on handling child’s tantrum”

Fun activities to do in nature

We always encourage children to go outdoors and play🌱! Running out of ideas on what to do and what to play🤨? Check out the following suggestions😋!​ 我哋鼓勵小朋友多到戶外玩! 出到去唔知可以玩啲咩🤨? 以下小建議可能幫到你😋!​ Read more:

Tips for preparing raw vegetables

We always let children to try raw vegetables during the sessions as most of them have stronger flavor and have higher nutrition values🥕! How to ensure food safety when preparing raw vegetables to eat🤓? Check of the following tips!…/progr…/programme_rafs_fm_02_01.html 大部份嘅生蔬菜會更濃味同埋有更高嘅營養價值🥬,所以我哋經常喺課堂上俾小朋友試食生嘅蔬菜🥕! 處理生嘅蔬菜時可以點樣確保食物安全🤓?…/progr…/programme_rafs_fm_02_01.html